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Tennis Addiction Sports Club is dedicated to enhancing people's lives through tennis and fitness, preserving the spirit of competition, promoting a healthy lifestyle and providing a community for tennis and fitness enthusiasts.



What's new?


Cougars Compete at Chestmont Championships!!
Noelle, Maddie, Sammy, and Laura competed at the 2014 Chestmont Championships with Noelle and Sammy making it to the Quarterfinals!! Congratulations!!

Noelle, Maddie, Sammy, and Laura with Coach Mo and Coach A!


TA 10-U Orange Ball Tournament Winners!!
Ian Lee, Abhineet, Stafani, Isabella, Abhiraj, and Zach Cohen!
Congratulations to all and thank you to Greg Barkley and Matt Bonds, Tournament Directors and Referees!!

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back to Tennis Addiction!!!

We hope you had a great summer and we are looking forward to an even better year.

Just a few reminders:

Tennis Memberships are ASAP for $99/year
We are now online to make it easier for you to update your memberships and even purchase other services like massage personal training and even gym memberships.

Visit the Mindbodyonline.com 
Go to the Online Store in upper right hand corner and select Contracts (no need to sign on) and then select tennis membership.


TA Boys Repeat to Win Suburban League Championship for 2nd Year in a Row!!
Congratulations to the team and Coach Wasyl!!


TA 12-u Team Wins 2nd WTT Championship!!
After winning the 10-u event earlier in the Summer, TA went undefeated and won the 12-u WTT event on Saturday, July 19th.
Freedom Players Liezel Huber and Frankie Dancevic visited during lunch and played with the kids!
Unbelievable Day!!


TA Teams Shine at District Championships!!

The 2.5 Slice Girls came in 2nd place with a 2-1 record 
and the 4.0 Head Over Heels team won the
 District Championship with a 4-0 record! 
Congratulations to all and thank you to Sarah and Linda for stellar captaining!!


TA 4.0 Team Makes Districts!!
TA beat Legacy 4-1 today to clinch 1st place and a spot in the District Championships!! Onward!!


2014 Davis Cup Kickoff
The Butan Tundra Bears defeated the Jabuti Fruities in the first Davis Cup competition of the TA Summer Camp!


40-Love Finishes Season With A Bang!!
TA 40-Love finished in second place in their first year at 3.0 after going to Districts at 2.5 last year!! Congratulations !!!


TA 10-U Team Is Champion!!
The Team of Maddie, Meera, Jackson, Hayden, Joshua, and Allison won the WTT 10-U Team Tennis Classic at Episcopal Academy!
Come see us recognized at a Freedoms Match this Summer when Billie Jean King brings TA's Team on court!

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